Friday, 21 March 2014

Group Project: Storm Surge: Rivendell

More often than not, games are created and played for the sole purpose of entertainment. However, as technology advances, the ends that playing games can give to its users now are almost countless. One of which is learning. We are learning more information at a smaller fraction of time more than ever because of the marriage of gaming and learning.

Our team has explored the possible use of RPG Maker VX Ace, a role-playing game maker program with a drag and drop interface, in educating people about disaster preparedness. We initially conceptualized using the program to make less than lively school lessons more interesting for the students. However, recent calamities and our people`s seeming lack of knowledge about preparing for these prompted our team to explore the former.

The program is especially designed for people not adept in programming, hence very recommendable to the larger portion of the population. Another aim of this project is to let people learn about programs like RPG Maker VX Ace and hopefully encourage them to create games on what they are passionate about—may it be about healthier food choices, safety on the road, safe sex practices, etc. This way of presenting knowledge materials to people sure sounds more interesting, as to the efficacy of these kinds of learning materials however, only further research can tell.

The game we created is easy to play. Use the arrow keys to steer the characters, the Enter button to select, and the Escape button to deselect, delete, and go to the menu while playing the game.

Here is the Link to download the game for free. We hope you enjoy it! But more than that, we hope you learn a lot from it :) 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Blade Runner

THY 2013-53497
Reaction on Blade Runner
            The plot of the story was about a retired blade runner Rick Deckhard played by Harrison Ford, being persuaded to take office again because four replicants or cyborgs have gotten lose. He was assigned to hunt them down and bring them back to custody because it was declared illegal to have replicants around. His adventure though the story enabled him to gather more informations and nearly put him to the end of his life. In the end, he was able to survive as he was having a fight between the “boss” of the four replicants.      
            As what the movie has stated in its introduction, blade runners were somewhat amounts to someone who is a police officer except that their field were not to capture mere mortal criminals but to catch cyborgs, persons who are half robot and half human. Considering my expectancy on how the movie would go, I honestly expected that it would somehow be like the batman-like acting and battle but overall, he appeared to be weak, just a mere civilian being forced to solve and take action on a case assigned to him. He was even introduced to be the best there is when it comes to replicants but looking and generalizing the way he had done his case, it appears like it is either he just went rusty, or it really is the natural way he does things. He even endangered his life due to the lack of skills.
            When it comes to the concepts and ideas presented in the movie, there again emerged the common mental construct of people on how the future would look and go. Evident on many movies are the presence of floating objects especially hovering vehicles. Building would change. Many would appear enormous and would have big screens to project something. In the movie of Blade Runner, the main technological advancement that people still today is thriving for ate those replicants, or the cyborgs. It seems that even way before today, even way before where technological access of people were not even as advanced right now, people have always had these kind of ideas that are still remain as ideas as of today.

            Science and technology have high possibility of changing the way people live for the better or for worse. 

Rhetoric of Cancer

THY 2013-53497
Reaction on the “Rhetoric of Cancer”
I always wonder what went wrong. Must it have been because of human evolution? If yes, then where was the fault? One the human killers in world would inevitably be cancer. Many people have died through the years “fighting” it and there those who are called the “lucky ones” that have “survived” the “attack.” Never ever in human history, as far as know, have I found any proven solutions to cure any cancer. I have heard doctors say that once you’ve got cancer, everything will never be the same as it is to you, your body, and the people around you. There can only delay but cannot stop the imminent – either one’s death or a change one’s body as for those who have manage to survive.
Andrew Greystone, as far as the podcast is concerned, is a one of the survivors of cancer – prostate cancer. In his podcast, the rhetoric of cancer, he was searching for the words professionals or scientists would choose to use as a metaphor in describing cancer, what it is and the possible situations it can cause to its patients. He got the notion to make an audio documentary about this because he taken aback by how frank of his doctor to tell him that he has cancer.
People who are going through cancer will be experiencing emotions that will make them too vulnerable and sensitive to the words people use around them. In his search for the metaphors, words like “living with,” “battle,” “survive” etc. kept on coming from those doctors who have had encountered patients with cancers. Words would amount to something that cancer is a war between you and those cancer cells slowly deteriorating your body till nothing is left to. Even Andrew himself sees that while he had cancer, he felt like a “civil war” is happening inside his body and he didn’t want to fight or hate his body so decided to just live with it.
Words may not have direct effect to the health of the concerned patient, but it always better to say things in metaphor for cancer patients to enable them understand in a simple way. It can help them cope up, live with, and accept what they have in their bodies. It would make easy for them to make adjustments in order to, not to be prepared but to be accepting to what will happen. At least, if treatments can’t cure their cases, it can give them a sense of understanding and acceptance of themselves.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Clodualdo Llana THY Group 1 Reaction Paper Music and Science

Clodualdo Llana
Group 1
Reaction Paper
Music and Science

Science was, is and always will be part of human experience; hence, it’s going to be always an inspiration and influence for creative people, music composers in particular, in their creative output based on their experiences, studies and creative imaginations. Art after all is based on science, from color and light principles to sound waves and mathematical tempo. Music is mathematics expressed not through equation but through sensory and emotion.

What I missed in the musical series is our very own “Mayon” by Buencamino, usually part of the encore pieces of the world-renowned pianist Cecil Licad, Buencamino’s grand-daughter. It borrows passages from “Dandansoy”, a Bicolano folksong, to musically describe pastoral imagery before a volcanic eruption, the turmoil and chaos during an eruption, and the tranquility afterwards and back to day-to-day grind…

Music expresses personal knowledge, observations, interests and experiences of a particular composer. The composer of the “The Planets”, Gustav Holst, had leanings in astrology and Camille Saint-Saens, the composer of “The Carnival of the Animals”, studied geology, archeology and botany.

Music reflects the sentiments and prevailing social and cultural conditions of a particular period. “Fly me to the Moon” reflects the Apollo 11 era, landing man on the surface of the moon. Sting’s “Russians” comments on the insanity of the capability of annihilating whole populations during the height of the arms race and cold war.

Music gives a compelling background to movie magic of space crafts zooming through space and time. I can’t imagine the story of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and Han Solo with out the music of John Williams. Likewise the adventures of Dr. Spock or the drama in “The Space Odyssey”. I watch in bed downloaded torrents of “The Big Bang Theory” and laugh myself to sleep after the theme song…

Clodualdo Llana THY Group 1 Reaction Paper Imelda

Clodualdo Llana
Group 1
Reaction Paper


“If somebody’s going to kill me, why such an ugly instrument?” That line for me encapsulates Imelda’s vanity and superficiality. The film Imelda essayed by an older, sad-looking woman, supposedly wiser and gained a bit of wisdom from her ordeal, is depressing, some how sympathetic but utterly apathetic, infuriating and absolutely humane at the same time… She says “It’s not expensive to be beautiful. It takes a little effort. E for effort.” Juxtapose that with her couturier, who’s given only 24 hours to finish a gown to make her beautiful, saying “I can say that many women got blind doing her embroidery.” Add to that shots of poor Filipinos living along train tracks, hanging their simple garbs on makeshift clothesline, it portrays a woman poisoned by power, wanton in dispensing stolen money from the people. But she has this to say to rationalize all those outfits, the 3,000 pairs of shoes, the 40-50 suitcases of Louis Vuitton jewelry: “The people need a role model. They need a star, specially in the dark of the night.” And what a night it was for the country. Thousands died and tortured; billions were embezzled, thousands were violated and deprived of property and proper living. Government policies benefitted just a few favored friends and cronies. Imelda’s vanity and superficiality underscores the years of terror and corruption of the Marcos dictatorship.

The documentary by Ramona Diaz was told by Imelda Marcos herself with accounts of her personal associates. Journalists and political adversaries present contrasting views. It traces the life of Madame Marcos from Leyte-rag to Malacanang- rich.

In the film’s portrayal, Imelda emerges as, I must admit, endearing and disturbing. She has a sort of innocence bordering on lunacy. Yet, lest we forget, we have to put everything in perspective, in the context of the Marcos dictatorship and everything that comes with it…

Up to this day, she’s still received like a mega-star wherever she goes, always asked for photo op. At the end of the film, Mrs. Marcos smiles with self-satisfaction and quotes a shoe ad, “There’s a little Imelda in all of us.” And we nod and say to our selves, “True.” WHAT’S WRONG WITH US FILIPINOS?